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How To Use The Entire Length Of The Neck To Freely Solo Anywhere.
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From: Robert Lee Molton
Re: How To Dominate Your Lead Guitar Playing

Attention Guitarists: Wouldn't it be great to have complete control over your lead guitar playing, and make yourself look and sound better to your audience and fans.

We've all been there at one point or another, when you painfully admit to yourself that your Lead Guitar Playing skills are not at their highest achievable level.

After all your exhausting hard work and effort trying to master your lead guitar playing, you still haven't gotten the results you wanted.

It's true that guitarists can un-knowingly put all their time and energy into practicing things that aren't as important as the critical key elements are when trying to achieve Lead Guitar Success.

What to practice is just as important as the practice itself. You can practice on the wrong things all day long and never get your desired results. The opposite is true as well, if you practice the things that do matter, the results will magically appear.

I'll show you what to practice so you can Dominate Your Lead Guitar Playing Fast!

It's Not Your Fault & Here's Why!

Some guitarists have been fortunate enough to either have a good mentor guide them in the right direction, or they were just plain lucky enough to spend the bulk of their practice time working on the things that actually mattered. That's why you'll hear some guitarists that just seem to have that "wow" factor, while others don't.

Many people attempt to use their time wisely searching for legit practice methods, hoping to achieve successful results, but never seem to get them. It's not uncommon for people to spend years searching for correct elements of practice that will deliver the killer lead guitar playing skills they desparately want. It's very frustrating to think of all the time that's gone by without successful results!

Many of the rockstar guitarists that have training videos are so advanced that they go right over your head and still leave you wondering what to do. Even though these guitar stars can play great, many don't teach it so well. I think it's un-fair when struggling guitarists buy guitar instructional products that don't deliver on the promise to improve their guitar playing skills. Not Anymore!

Shouldn't Your Guitar Skills Improve
If You Put In the Practice, Time, and Effort?

Believe me, I know exactly what it's like to work your tail off and yet still not have the lead guitar skills you desire, after all your hard work and faith you put into it. All the lessons and hours of hard practice really add up. It's frustrating to say the least!

As hard as it is to admit, I often wondered if I would ever come close to playing like my favorite guitarists who just seemed to have the magic skills without ever having to work as hard as I did. Not to mention, how easy and effortless they made it look to play that way.

The bottom line was, back then I didn't realize the only thing that separated me from them was simply how I spent my time practing, and what I practiced on.

Fast-forward to today...

I've come light years from where I was then,
due to my relationships with G.I.T graduates
and Professional Guitarists from all over.

I've gained alot of knowledge over the years from extremely talented guitarists.

I've learned tons of their insider secrets and tips, and it's led me down the path of personal success... which is still going strong twenty plus years now.

I've taught hundreds of guitarists over the years. Some who have become successful on a national level. Several of which are in bands i'm sure you're familiar with today.
I can show you the same things, and get you on path to Lead Guitar Domination!


"Lead Guitar Domination"

Success Begins Now!
"How To Dominate Your Lead Guitar Playing"

Lead Guitar Domination is a 16 week web-based monthly membership training, designed to help you improve and apply important elements of lead guitar playing. Discover everything from general lead guitar techniques, to powerful guitar speed picking techniques.

Though these lead guitar techniques can be used to dramatically improve your lead guitar skills, they're actually going to make you a well rounded better guitarist overall.

There are specific things that you need to know, and have complete control over if you're serious about improving your lead guitar playing skills. Once these things become familiar to you, the flood gates will open quickly, and you'll never look back.

One critical elements, is mastering the major scale forward, backward, vertical, & horizontal.

This is the very important for your lead guitar success, and it can be done very easily if you know how to practice the scale properly and focus on the important things within the scale.

People will notice!! After applying these methods and techniques, your natural ability to play lead guitar with feel, speed, and accuracy happens automatically! Your guitar skills will begin to improve rapidly from that point on.

One of the most important things you can do to guarantee your success, is to make an honest committment to take massive action today. Don't think about it just do it!

This training will work for you whether you're just starting on guitar, or if you've been playing for ten years. The key in knowing what to spend your valuable time practicing on, and how.

Most of what has worked for me has been learned through insiders at the Guitar Institute of Technology.These are some of the most talented guitar gurus on the planet!

From the aquired technical skills of schooled guitarists, and having learned tons of killer secrets and tips from naturally talented rockstar guitarists, I'm absolutely confident I can teach you things that will improve your lead guitar playing quickly. You Just need to make the simple commitment to succeed!

The bottom line is... this stuff works for me, and it WILL work for you too!

Cut Through All The Guesswork!

A Few Things Inside Lead Guitar Domination...

Fretboard Chart - Learn the correct fingering and picking to achieve maximum output from minimum input.

Guitar Note Tool - Learn every single note on the fretboard with laser sharp accuracy...quick and easy.

Guitar Chord Tool - Discover all the beautiful sounding chords you can play within the Major Scale with the simple click of the mouse.

Guitar Scale Tool - Uncover all kinds of new sounding scales to explore. You'll never be at a loss for new sounds to experiment with.

Guitar Metronome - This tool help you master your timing. You'll become much tighter and "in the pocket" when practicing with your metronome.

Guitar Power Licks - Learn how to construct your licks and solos to tell a story within a story... beginning-middle-end.

Video Training - Dominate the Major Scale with maximum speed and accuracy... in 7 different positions across the neck from octave to octave.

Customer Testimonials...

"I'm now aware of things I've
been missing in my solo playing."

The concept of using repetitive phrases and basing the solos on rhythmic patterns were things I had never really thought about until you brought them up.

It has given me a lot more to consider and a lot to work on to improve my lead playing.

Thanks so much for all the help.
Robert, you are excellent!

Erik Benson - Hammond, Indiana

"I'm now brushing up my skills
for the big 'Cruise Ship' gig!"

Hey Robert -
I'm an intermediate guitar player whose been doing the bar circuit for years.
My background is Pop-rock/Blues/old 80s retro rock

The thing I got the most from this was the
'Focused-Disciplined Practice Element.
(Kicked me in the butt!)

You're a great player and your
teaching skills are awesome. Thanks!

Doug Watt - Alberta, Canada.

"You CAN teach an old dog new tricks"

Robert -
I've been practicing everyday since I became a member, and am trying to engrave the muscle memory in this 51 year young noggin of mine.

I have many courses that Ive worked with but yours
is definitely a no B.S. program
and you tell it like it needs to be told. This is great stuff and i already feel that this is really helping improve my lead guitar skills.

You're the real deal, and would love to meet you in person and shake your hand.

Thanks man, I look foward to this on going journey.

And... You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Pat Mahoney - Tecumseh, Nebraska

"Learned some cool stuff the very first day"

Been playing guitar for 35 years, but learned some cool stuff the very first day.

Steven Brewer - Lynwood, WA.

"Your lead guitar domination has
really opened up different channels

Hey Robert -
Great stuff man! Your lead guitar domination has really opened up different channels that have allowed me to explore some key areas that were lacking in my guitar playing.

I appreciate the dedication to lend your expertise - Thanks again and as you say, "Keep rockin"

Damon Searcy - Harrison, AR.
Grove Praise & Worship Group

"Very Impressed"

I never knew sounding this good could be this easy.

Steve Carpenter - Dougspur, VA.

"Got Me Out of My Rut"

Just as you said, it got me out of my rut and gave me tons of fresh sound and inspiration to draw from. Super Cool!

Bralio Gonzalez - Rosendale, WI.

Imagine Gaining Complete Control Over
Your Lead Guitar Playing Fast and Easy!

One of the classic problems guitarists face when learning anything, is learning too much at once. This directly causes decreased attention to detail, and lots of important missed information. Missed information might as well be a missed opportunity to advance your guitar playing skills.

Since I know this first hand from teaching hundreds of guitarists over the years, my approach is to learn "bite size" amounts of highly useful information, and chew that information very well to absorb every ounce before moving forward. This greatly helps retain everything you've learned.

Inside the members ares area, it's all about the quality of information that you're getting that makes the difference. You're getting the gold nuggets, not all the time wasting fluff.

It's true that anyone can practice the major scale and get good at it. However, being able to connect it from octave to octave, using the entire neck vertically and horizontally with all six strings, is entirely a whole new world and that's exactly what I want to show you.

Imagine understanding the neck a little bit better each and every day, simply because you were practicing and focusing on the correct elements at the same time.

Consider what kinds of new licks and lead lines you could begin to develop once you started to unlock the neck in a way you've never visualized before.

Inside Lead Guitar Domintion you'll discover a well defined road map that gives you distinc patterns to follow. You'll gain a clear understanding of what's important on the fretboard.

This training sets you up for any future additional training to add in seamlessly.

My clients are my number one priority, and I hope you'll allow my customer reviews to help support your decision to go ahead and become a member of Lead Guitar Domination today!

You'll Discover...

Complete 2 string patterns that cover the fretboard from octave to octave on the High (E string) and the (B string) together in a tandem relationship.

Another complete 2 string pattern that covers the fretboard from octave to octave on the (G string) and the (D string) together in a tandem relationship.

Yet another complete 2 string pattern that covers the fretboard octave to octave on the (A string) and the low (E string) together in a tandem relationship.

The beginning stages of how the modal system theory works and be able to start viewing the neck in these extremely important patterns and shapes.

How to play in virtually any key you desire immediately after understanding how this sytem works. It forces you to create better sounding phrases and licks.

The #1 reason that you get stuck trying to improvise solos quickly vanishes, and instantly unlocks the mystery of the fretboard forever in your minds eye.

An un-tapped natural ability to play with your eyes closed and start feeling what you're playing, more than watching the notes on the neck as your playing them.

The mystery behind playing solos in horizontal patterns and how it forces you to create melody, and how scaling in vertical form tends to push melody away.

How to use these patterns to begin creating beautiful sounding musical chords immediately, whether you know the names of the chords or not, they will sing.

How to play through all 6 strings forward and backward across the neck in major, minor, 7th, etc...understanding the major scale structure in a proper theoretical way.

And a lot more!

More Testimonials...

"People Noticed My Playing Improvements"

Great product, I've definitely had people notice my playing improvements. I'm not quite Jimi Hendrix yet but...

Dan Zahorar - Chicago, IL.

"New Perspective"

Thank You Robert. This is very thought provoking and you also helped bring a new perspective on my approach to practice.

Nick Clemens - Shawnee, Oklahoma
"Excellent Teaching and FAST Results!!"
Scott Baker - South Burlington, VT.

"The Talk of My Local Scene"

Robert, Thanks a ton man!
You've made me the talk of my local scene!

Frank McDonell - Newton, MA.

All For The Cost Of A Distortion Pedal!
NOTE: Get In Now! This training is going to become part of an expanded course, and soon won't be available as a single membership.

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Just $97 (One Time Payment)

Why so low?

I want to help as many people as I can use this powerful information to hammer their lead guitar playing skills into shape fast and easy. You'll have several of those "aha" moments where you'll find the missing pieces of the puzzle you've been hopelessly searching for all these months, or years for that matter.

You'll get in at $97 now (the cost of a distortion pedal). I can't promise when you hit this page again that you won't see it back at $197

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If you revisit this page and see that the price has rocketed to $197, please understand this is the reason I'm asking you top take action now. The $97 "special price" is to reward fast action takers who are serious about their Lead Guitar Playing.

Inside are training videos with proven step-by-step techniques I personally use to write killer leads to songs. As well as develop killer chords for songs I'm writing.

This training will help your musical phrasing tremendously! Even though I'm only asking for $97, you'll soon realize you've hit the jackpot!

This is a "Time Sensitive Special Offer" and will soon resume at $197

And It Comes with This 30-Day
"No Questions Asked" Priority Guarantee!

If you don't see a drastic improvement within your Lead Guitar Playing, within the next 30 days, I want you to request a complete and prompt refund.

However, I'm super confident you'll stay in, you'll implement these methods and techniques, and you'll send me a testimonial explaining how much more you've accomplished after practicing and completing the video training.

Go ahead and hit the "Click To Join" button and Join Now. You'll gain instant access to the members area, and can begin your training now, even if it's 4am!

Special Offer Limited Time Only...

(Regular Price) $197

Only $97(One Time Payment)

Priority "Lead Guitar Domination" Order Form

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YES! I Want These Exact Methods and Techniques To Improve My Lead Guitar Playing Starting Today.

  • I understand I will be billed $97 Single Payment
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    to the
    "Lead Guitar Domination" membership.
  • I also understand I may choose the (2) payment option
    $49 (30 days apart)
  • I know I will receive instant access to the "Lead Guitar Domination" Training Videos which I can watch at anytime 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.
  • I can refund for any reason within the next 30 days!

Order over our secure order form.

 Your one time charge will be $97 USD, OR... 2 payments of $49 (30 days apart).
You'll gain access to Lead Guitar Domination within the next couple minutes.

Click Here For Instant Access!

Lead Guitar Domination is a 16 week web-based monthly membership site. You will need the Adobe Flash plugin installed (free and included with most browsers), or a video player capable of playing WMV files if you want to watch the videos offline.

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes. You'll get added content to the membership each and every week.

You'll Risk Nothing With My Priority Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, you have a full 30 days to decide if this membership is right for you. If for any reason you feel like the Lead Guitar Domination training doesn't make you a much better lead guitarist, contact me and I will quietly and promptly refund every penny of your investment.

Thank you,
To your Lead Guitar Success,

P.S. Don't wait any longer to get over the hump that so many other guitarists will never take the time to get over. Wouldn't you agree it's definitely time for you to get this guitar training and start achieving success from your lead guitar playing that you've always deserved? It's as easy as just making the decision to start now!

P.P.S. Strike while the iron is hot! Take action now, because you may never see this strictly limited time $97 offer again! Plus you have my 30 day money back guarantee which means I'm putting my money where my mouth is. If you're not 100% stoked, then I'd be embarrassed to keep your $97. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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