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Lead Guitar Tips-401 “Harmonic Minor / Hybrid Scale"

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"Lead Guitar Tips - 401"

Welcome to Lessons (401) Weeks 13 - 16

Harmonic Minor / Hybrid Scale"

  • The Harmonic Minor Scale is very noticeable when used. It seems to jump out at you and grab your attention.
  • The sound of the Harmonic Minor Scale is usually either immediately liked, or takes some time to acquire the taste for this attention grabbing scale
  • Much of the Neo Classical sound comes from this type of scale, or a hybrid of it.
  • You'll notice in the video that this scale is rather dark and has high tension building tendencies.
  • It doesn't take much of this scale to get the point across.
  • Experiment with trills along this scale because it really lend itself to that technique and adds a touch of the classical element in as well.
  • Practice releasing the tension after you've played 10 - 15 seconds of the harmonic minor.
  • Being able to resolve the tension is one of the biggest parts of gaining control over this scale.

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Power Lick #2 Audio & Tab – (Played Fast & Slow)

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speakerHere's another killer Power Lick that you can use within your own playing. You can change it up a bit to make more your own style, or modify it in any way you'd like. Listen to the variables of what makes a great guitar lick and phrase line.

These guitar licks are "thought out" with a beginning, middle and end. Listen for that aspect.

Normal Speed Example:


A guitar solo is just a short story within a story.
No matter how short the lick or solo is it must make sense.
This is done by making sure it has these three elements...
Beginning - Middle - End.

Slow Speed Example:



Both Fast and Slow Power Licks #1

Download All Contents (356.5 KB)


Download All Contents (136.6 KB)

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